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Decentralized Exchanges

Benswap.cash | Audit: Certik
Pancakeswap fork. Launched August 18, 2021. Anonymous developer Ben. Also runs a similar DEX on Binance Smart Chain.
"The very first DEX and one-stop service provider on SmartBCH."
     how-to: farm(video) | farm

MistSwap.cash | Audit: 0xGuard & Certik
Sushiswap fork. Launched Oct 2, 2021. Anonymous developer Kasumi who also created the mineable MistCoin SLP token.
"We are building tools that enable people to interact permissionlessly, without borders. Only with Bitcoin Cash."
     how-to: farm(video) | farm |

Cowswap.cash | Audit: Techrate | Formerly Muesli.cash
Pancakeswap fork. Launched Sept 21, 2021. Anonymous developers.

"A decentralized exchange for SmartBCH. On a mission towards a decentralized future."
how-to: farm(video)

Tango.cash | Audit: 0xGuard
Mistswap fork. Launched Nov 23, 2021 by Ian Blas (BCH Argentina) and Fernando Peliccioni (Knuth Node). Also created smartswap.fi, a multi-dex swap aggregator.
he first non-anonymous dex in SmartBCH, we are going to work on adding many tools that differentiate them from the competition."
how-to: farm(video)

1bch.com | Audit: InterFi
Pancakeswap fork. Launched Nov 30th, 2021. Anonymous but privately doxed with BCHPad. Previously ran an SLP exchange.
1BCH.com aims to be the leading decentralized exchange on SmartBCH, with the highest trading volumes in the market."
     how-to: farm(video)

Tropical.finance | Audit: Techrate
Apeswap fork. Launched Dec 14, 2021. Anonymous developers.
"State of the art yield farming application and Dex on SmartBCH Chain with unique features which offers its investors brand new ways to maximize APRs."
     how-to: farm(video)

SmartDoge.cash | Audit: None
Viperswap fork. Launched Jan 10, 2022. Anonymous developer.
"SmartDex is a DEX with a relatively novel reward structure and a focus on long-term sustainability for those actively participating in it."

Emberswap.com | Audit: None
Solarbeam fork. Launched Feb 19, 2022 by Peter Eriksen who doxed with BCHPad. Creator of Incinerate token (FIRE).
"EmberSwap is a decentralized exchange, providing liquidity and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on the smartBCH Network."

getverse.com | Audit: 0xGuard
Uniswap fork. Launched April 5, 2022. Cross-chain DEX. Created by Bitcoin.com as part of their greater ecosystem, including integration into the Bitcoin.com wallet and a crypto debit card.
"Trade permissionlessly and earn a share of trading fees by funding liquidity pools. Earn additional rewards by staking LP tokens"

BlockNG.money | Audit: None
Pancakeswap fork.

TBD Koingfu

Staking Platforms

fogofwar.quest | Audit: None
Token staking to earn FOG which can be used to buy NFT items and heroes. Use them all to vote for new token farms each week. Ability to utilize other DEX farms for dual-farming rewards.
Created by Sayoshi Nakamario and VinRadiant. (Hey, that's us!)

BlockNG.money LP and single-token staking.

     how-to: mint & farm

svntfarm.netlify.app Stake LP tokens to earn sVNT token rewards

goblins.cash OlympusDAO fork.
"Goblins is a decentralized reserve and revenue protocol, based upon the GOB token. Each GOB token is backed by a basket of assets in the Goblins treasury that will help sustain price during market downturns. Goblins also offers unique economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market through staking and bonding."

waterloan.finance Deposit and borrow platform.
"WaterLoan is a decentralized bank protocol. WaterLoan adopts an excess border strategy, a drawing machine to feed prices, and DAO protection to achieve safe and stable decentralized deposit & borrow support."

rush-dapp.com Stake any NFT's on smartBCH to earn OIL.
Created by the AfricaUnite team.
"Stake any kind of SEP721 NFT, whether it's an abandoned project or not, and get rewarded."

Centralized Exchanges

Coinw.com Digital Asset Trading Platform. Supports all SEP20 tokens. First CEX to list a SmartBCH token (EBEN).

Hoo.com Safe - Stable - Fast. The world's leading blockchain asset servicing platform

Sideshift.ai The No Sign-Up Crypto Exchange // Shift between BTC, ETH, BCH, smartBCH, XMR, XAI and 30+ other cryptocurrencies, no account required.

Block & Market Explorers

app.withmantra.com Mantra is an open peer-to-peer marketplace where everyone can become a borrower or a lender.

Sonar.cash Fork of blockscout, and extended by Mistswap and Unit Venture.

CoinGecko.com Overall crypto market ranking and info site. Also lists SmartBCH tokens.

SmartScan.cash Exclusive SmartBCH block explorer.

BA.net NFT collections and minting

BlockNG.money NFT Lawpunk minting and marketplace
     how-to: mint & farm

oasis.cash Decentralized NFT Marketplace. A true DApp that connects directly to the OASIS DEx smart contract and does not require a centralized layer to operate.

cryptor.at $RAT NFT's first created on the BCH SLP token system have migrated their way to their own SmartBCH marketplace.

dexscreener.com Tracking and charting your favorite DEX in realtime.

IDO Platforms

bchpad.cash BCHPad is a decentralized IDO platform protocol, giving projects the ability to raise capital and kickstart their project in a permissionless and decentralized manner. Privately verifies participants identities.
Note: has leaked private information including selfies and government ID.

Benswap.cash  Pancakeswap fork. Launched August 18, 2021 by anonymous developer Ben. Their previous projects include a similar DEX on Binance Smart Chain. First DEX on SmartBCH.

Cowswap.cash With our launchpad, anyone can create their own token on SmartBCH without any coding! This service is available for free to all MILK HODLers! Includes a service to host presales.


enter-the-sphere.com  A True NFT Metaverse. Create Your Own AVATAR. Social Matchmaking.  Dive into inter-connected games all powered by NFTs of powerful summons, lore, magic and technology.

smart.joystick.club Pay to play arcade games, powered by SmartBCH. Earn JOY tokens for playing.

ashwicknft.com Fantasy collectible trading Cards, sent over Blockchain? Welcome to the ASHWICK NFT Series! Based on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain, they are in seconds in your wallet.

catsluck.com Game & Stake Your Tokens. Have Fun!
We are supporters of cashcats. People often ask what can we do with $CATS? So catsluck was born. You can bet and invest with $CATS now, and do more things in the future.


Metamask.io  Browser extension and mobile wallet for EVM-compatible networks.

SmartMask.cash  A SmartBCH-specific web wallet powered by Metamask. Created by Josh Ellithorpe/zquestz.

 pokket.cash No bullshit Android Bitcoin mobile wallet. Pokket.cash is designed to look like a bitcoin wallet of a bygone era. When bitcoin was cash. No ads. No charts. No bullshit. Pokket.cash is just a wallet. Receive, Spend, Save. Now with SmartBCH support!

MathWallet.org The multichain wallet for Web3.

nabox.io The Multi-Chain DID Gateway to Web3

Multi-chain Wallet | DApp Explorer | Cross-Chain Swap

Info & Statistics

Build.Cash  Build.Cash aims to be an information resource. An encyclopedia of projects and people building new cash for the world.

tokenshop.info Token Shop .Info is an information resource. A directory listing of verified cryptocurrency and digital assets services across the world.

SmartBCH network stats provided by Fountainhead.cash

bch101.com  BCH101is an all-in-one introductory site on BCH. It is available for crypto lovers of all ages and levels.

defillama.com  DefiLlama is committed to accurate data without ads or sponsored content and transparency. We list DeFi projects from all chains.

Use.cash  Video tutorials on how to use Bitcoin Cash as a user, and how to accept it as a merchant.
"We help you use cryptocurrency like cash."

tin.network  Manage your DeFi assets and NFTs in one simple interface.

borracho.cash  A list of smartBCH projects maintained by Brandon/Borracho.bch.

smartdir.cash  A smart Bitcoin Cash directory that will launch you to exciting destinations in the expanding smart Bitcoin Cash universe.


CoinFLEX.com  First BCH <> SmartBCH bridge and currently controls distribution of the initial supply of SmartBCH coins.
Operates AMM+, FlexUSD stablecoin, FLEX governance token.

Currently paused.

     how-to: bridge

app.mistswap.fi/bridge Swap coins between networks, including directly for SmartBCH. Powered by the Sideshift.ai exchange and the Hop.Cash bridge.
Currently paused.

blockng.money/#/bridge Bridge tokens between Binance (BSC) and smartBCH. Operated by BlockNG and Mistswap.

Prompt.Cash  We have written a smart contract to offer non-custodial swaps from BCH to coins on the BitcoinCash sidechain. This concept can later be extended to SLP tokens.

Hybrix.io  Cross-chain ledger with native chain 'colored' HY coins. SmartBCH integration in testing. Supports 29 blockchains and 423 tokens.
Currently paused.
     how-to: liquidity

Spicebot  Telegram bot that can transfer supported SLP tokens to their SEP20 version. (BCH tokens to SmartBCH token equivalent).

bchcc.cash  Two-way BCH <> SmartBCH bridge. Created by  designer of wagon.cash.

hop.cash  BCH <-> sBCH bridge. Ran by im_uname.
Currently paused.
     how-to: bridge

zapit.io Swap your ZAPT (SLP) tokens to SmartBCH.


SmartBCH.org  Matrixport team, including Kui Wang, who developed the software behind SmartBCH.

Cryptozombies.io  Learn how to code with Solidity and create blockchain-enabled games.

Apps & Tools

list.helpme.cash List an ad for up to 30 days. Made by Sayoshi Nakamario (Hey, that's me!)

orders.cash Create a Peer-to-Peer Order. Created by Kui Wang of Matrixport, maintained by Tango.

smartswap.fi SmartSwap sources liquidity from all DEXes and is capable of splitting a single trade across multiple DEXes to ensure the best price.
"Just Swap at the best price"

app.bch.domains Fork of Ethereum ENS by MistSwap on March 18, 2022. LNS is a decentralised naming system for wallets, websites, & more.

disperse.emberswap.com Fork of Disperse by bchpete of Emberswap. Distribute BCH or tokens to multiple addresses.

nftrarity.cash smartBCH NFT rarity rankings.

send2multi.github.io  This small utility helps you send coins to multiple addresses, and view the holders of a given token as well.

smartbch.tuxpaper.nu/TokenTransferScanner/  This is a tool to show SmartBCH Transfer events involving an address. For a contract address, it calculates all the holders' balances. For a non-contract address, it calculates all token balances for the address.

Create SEP20 compatible tokens with SLP functionality.

checkbook.cash With this DApp, you can write a check to a payee, or revoke expired checks sent by you. You can also receive checks sent to you.

smartbchlock.bscrypt.finance Create your own custom lock. All coins are locked into our audited smart contract and can only be withdrawn by you after lock time expires.

revoke.cash See which addresses have permission to remove coins from your wallet, and revoke those permissions.

contractverifier.com You can paste the code of your contract or upload a sol text file. Created by Esteban of Koingfu.com.

t.me/sBUSDfaucet Smartie the sBUSD faucet bot. Allowing any telegram user to get some sBUSD and BCH sats for gas. Limit of 25 actions per day.

vfat.tools View all your DEX farming statistics and income.
"It ain't much, but it's honest work."

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